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Chattel Mortgage

Secured Loan

Do you have a property you would like to use as security for a loan? Chattel mortgage is one of the tested options to go about this. You will use the property as a substitute for the loan, and this is why they are tagged “loan security agreements”. 

The first thing a financial institution will consider before agreeing to use your property as security as a loan is the value of the property. The value of the property must be commensurate with the value of the money being loaned. The loan value must equate the property’s value to a reasonable extent. It is only when this requirement has been met that a property will be considered as security. This reason for this is so that the financier is able to sell the property, so as to recover the amount lent out. 

With your valuable properties, you can obtain loans from a financier. This works in much the same way as car finance. Here also, you have to repay loans over a period of time agreed by you and the financier. Whatever the agreed time is, the financier factors in your peculiarities and interests.

Not only that, the financier also decides the interest to be paid on loans. It is, therefore, better that you work with the interest rate that is most convenient for you. This is because if you fail to pay up your loans when it’s due, the financier can take ownership of the property as security. 

Chattel Mortgage and Car Lease

In the case of a chattel mortgage, you are offered a loan on the property you’re giving up. This property will serve as the collateral for such loan agreement. This loan will be expected to be repaid within a given period of time. Here is the first singular difference between chattel mortgage and car lease. 

Car lease is an arrangement where the car is merely in your possession and you’re not the owner. The car is only with you for the pendency of the lease agreement. Car lease is a popular favourite because you get to use different cars as you wish. So, if you’re one who fancies driving different cars, car lease might be a best choice for you. It is a financially smart idea to fully optimize the benefits of a thing without owning it and incurring heavier costs.

If you want to lease a car, you have to pay an amount of money to use the car only. The idea is to have possessory rights over the car, and in this case, buying the car is not an option. However, in a case where you wish to own the leased car, you will have to inform your financier and make arrangements in that respect. You can then settle all there is to know about ownership and payment. 

That said, chattel mortgage is always a great idea. The most important thing to do is to use a property or chattel with a reasonably equal value loaned to you. In any case, it’s the financier’s responsibility to assess the security to confirm its value. 

Car Finance Calculator

Calculating the cost incurred under car finance schemes is an important exercise. This is the case where especially when the loan is due to be repaid. This is here a car finance calculator comes in. It allows you do this, while taking into cognizance market rates and monies to repay.  Car finance calculators are designed to reflect market inputs and factors. These calculators help us keep due payment and necessary costs in check. 

So, if you want to stay abreast of schedules for repayment, it is important that you get a finance calculator. They not only help you keep track of payment, they also pre-calculate costs. The calculators help to prevent surprises and keep you in tune with relevant information regarding your car financing agreement. People often enter into loan agreements without running adequate checks on the procedure, interest rates and others.

A calculation will help you realize the capital, interest rates and other possible suggestions on repaying your loans. This helps you confirm the strength of your credit. This is because financiers do not loan money unless you’ve satisfied them that you can pay the amount of money you require. 

Personal Finance

Budgeting is the core of personal finance. Before you get that car you desire, it is important to ask questions such as, why that kind of car, and what range of cars can your budget cover. These questions are important to making smart finance decisions. This is because there are certain factors a financial institution will consider before agreeing to give you a loan. 

Loan amount: This is the amount you’re borrowing from the financial institution. This will be considered with respect to your security and credit rating. This credit rating shows the financial institution that you’ve been faithful to your financial obligations. The car you want to buy will also be weighed against your credit rating to confirm whether you’re a good fit. It’s important that you try to cover any possible gaps that can give you a bad credit rating.

So, know your credit rating and make moves to cover any gaps that will give you a low credit rating.

Interest rate: This is the rate charged by the financier over the repayment period. A higher repayment period attracts a higher interest rate, and vice versa. 

Repayment Period: This is the period of repaying the money lent. It is important that you negotiate convenient repayment periods. We have partner institutions ready to offer you fair repayment options.  

Use a Broker: Brokers are car experts with wealth of experience to help you negotiate a fair car deal. They take away the stress of sorting and negotiating the best car deals.