Jaffa Books


Welcome to Jaffa Books

We are a leading car dealership company located in Sydney, Australia. With your needs in mind, we buy and sell cars at affordable rates. 

Our mission is to provide high-grade car dealership services that meet the needs of every part of Australia. In doing this, we offer you convenience, style, comfort, affordability and class. While doing this, we place your specific needs at the centre of our service delivery. 

We sell used and new cars. We have hybrids, 4×4, SUVs, Utes, vans, sedans and EVs, you name it.  


At Jaffa Books, we are an excellence driven team propelled by an enduring passion to offer premium car dealership services. We are committed to giving our customers the best value for their money. 

  • As a team, we have set honesty, integrity and fair dealing as our watchword. This is the mind-set we work with in all our transactions. 
  • Ours is a family of happy workers, a conducive space where advances in technology combine with the best human capital. The goal is to deliver the best services to our esteemed customers. 
  • We believe in due diligence and research, and this is why we embark on research and market understudy from time to time. This keeps us in tune with best practices in the auto industry and present bespoke offers to our customers. 

Benefits of Patronizing Us

If there’s one reason most of our customers are repeat customers, it is because of the several benefits they derive from working with us. They stay because they have enjoyed the premium services we deliver and they keep coming back for more.  

Below, we’ll look at some of the benefits of patronizing Jaffa Books. 

  • Comprehensive Service and Offers 

At Jaffa Books, we have for you comprehensive service inventory that can cater for all your automobile needs. We customize our service to give you a superlative experience as you deal with us. We are happy to make your enjoyment and use of our services create lasting memories for you. 

Taking a look at our showroom, you will find quality new and used cars. Our cars are in various colours, trims, spec level, engine, designs and so on. You get to access a wide variety of options and customized buyer’s experience. Our new cars are covered by warranties, latest automobile technology, low interests and carefully styled interior and exterior. 

  • Customized Services 

At Jaffa Books, we understand that your decision to get a car serves to satisfy a need. So, we put that need at the center of all we do. This is why we can offer bespoke deals to our customers. We meet your needs and do it in style. 

We also have a workforce neck deep in their respective roles, ready to see you through the entire process. 

  • Affordability

We are Australia’s one stop shop for car dealership service because we research the automobile market and upgrade our service to reflect best market prices. This gives us a robust understanding of your needs and helps us curate affordable deals that can meet those needs. This is why we have a happy clientele and network.