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Welcome to Jaffa Books

We are a leading car dealership company located in Sydney Australia. With your needs in mind, we buy and sell cars at affordable rates.


We have a team of experienced and happy experts ready to render any assistance you may need in getting the best buy at our company. We have been operating for over 20 years now, and that’s because we have a reliable network and clientele that keeps coming back for more car deals.

New Cars

At Jaffa Books, we understand that it’s not that easy to get a new car. Certain factors come into play that makes the experience a bit more challenging than it should be. This is often the situation when getting the car price in full is not certain, so you’re not sure if it’s possible to pay over a period of time.


It could also be because you’re not sure how to get the best rate and that one car that ticks all your boxes. Whatever your reasons are, we got you covered.

Used Cars

At Jaffa Books, we also understand that getting a new car, as fancy as it is, may not be your need at a particular period in time. In such cases, a used car is the best option. We understand that your reasons may be borne out of the limit of your budget or maybe you will like to get a car that has stood the test of time and wear. We have an amazing array of used cars that will fit your spec and preference.

Car Finance

At Jaffa Books, we know that finance lies at the heart of desire. You need money to access your dream car, and we are happy to help you with that. If you cannot afford the full car cost even though it meets your specific needs, we have several tested ways you can leverage. 

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel mortgage is one of the tested ways to finance your car. But for a financier to agree to take your property as security for a loan, that security will be evaluated to confirm its value.


Insurance helps you from incurring unncessary cost. Insuring your car puts you in a good position when unforeseen circumstances come up. With insurance, you get to reap the benefits attached to your car.


We understudy the automobile market, analyse your demand and present bespoke offers for your care needs. Them into the array of amazing offers, all to meet your needs.


From Sedans, Hybrids, 4X4, SUV, Utes, Vans, EVs and many more, we have products suited to meet your needs and budget.