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Used Cars

Just one look at our stock and you will find the best used cars. We take our time to undergo a comprehensive selection process and offer up the best used cars for sale. We do this after understudying the market and picking only customer’s favourite and highly durable cars.


At Jaffa Books, our commitment to offering quality will always remain our pride. We do not compromise this company value. Check in to our store and find high grade used cars ranging from Sedans, Hybrids, 4X4, SUV, Utes, Vans, EVs and many more. We have a variety of products specifically designed to satisfy your needs.


Getting a used car suggests that there’s a budget at hand you’re working with. We understand this, and we are happy to provide you with the best version of your need, no matter your budget.  If you do not have a specific car you want to buy, our happy team members are ever ready to offer bespoke recommendations.


Be rest assured not only will your budget be factored in these recommendations but also your reasons for buying the car, taste and driving habits. This means you have no reason to worry about getting the best used cars. We are always ready to see you through the process.


Below you will find a few reasons our used cars are some of the best in Sydney. 

  • All car maintenance records will be delivered to you. This affords you a comprehensive insight into the car’s history and details. 
  • All our used cars undergo a test including to check their fitness for different road conditions such as in-traffic, hills, highways etc. 
  • Our used cars are user less, low with mileage and less wear. 
  • We can always recondition our used cars to fit the customer’s preference. 
  • Our team will inspect every user cars to check for faults. During this inspection, interior designs, upholstery, exterior designs and parts are carefully examined. From brake lights, to engines, to tyres, we take our time to check all parts. This is so our customers can have a fully functional car that can deliver optimally. 
  • Where our team finds a minor fault, it is our job to repair the car and return it to its best shape. 
  • We allow our customers to bring in their mechanic who will inspect the car or even test drive the used car. This will be prior to making a deal. 
  • Our used cars have warranty, and there are explanations regarding the type of repairs a warranty covers as well as the percentage of repair.
  • We have a buyer’s guide explaining facts about the car in detail. They talk about the mechanical systems, electrical systems and other relevant pieces of information.

These are the automobile industry best practices and we have incorporated this into our service delivery. With the above reasons, you can be sure of running at no risk when you buy a used car from us. They are not just top quality, but also market favourites.

Contact us to get the best used car money can buy.