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New Cars

Getting a New Car

At Jaffa Books, we understand that it’s not that easy to get a new car. Certain factors come into play that makes the experience a bit more challenging than it should be. This is often the situation when getting the car price in full is not certain, so you’re not sure if it’s possible to pay over a period of time. It could also be because you’re not sure how to get the best rate and that one car that ticks all your boxes. We also like the scent of a new car, so for this, we got you covered.


It’s important that you’re abreast of the latest trends and facts in buying a new car. Because of this, we advise that you reach out to a broker to help you purchase a car. Brokers are field experts armed with the necessary skills to understand and help you secure premium car deals. Brokers offer guidance in choosing the best cars that factors your satisfaction and preferences. 

Choosing a New Car

When you’re at the verge of getting a car, an array of options are made available to you to select from. The automobile market is filled with cars of different designs, trims and models and this makes it important for any potential car buyer to make informed decisions when buying their car. 


To buy the car that will satisfy your needs, it’s best to research the different kinds of cars that tick those boxes. Several cars are now in the market, but they cannot all satisfy your needs. It is therefore important to do your research and aggregate the best value for your money.


Not only will researching help you get premium value, it will provide insight into the dynamics of cars, the way they operate and guide you to make informed buying decisions. This way, you’re sure to get a new car that sufficiently satisfies your demand. 

Why You Should Get a New Car

Getting a new car offers you a chance to choose the best of a variety of cars. It helps you choose your favourite spec level, engines trim, paint colours and other options. You also stand to enjoy bespoke dealership services that addresses your specific needs. 

Also, getting a new car is a great choice because you stand to access manufacturers’ complete warranty. In addition to getting a car, a warranty is also an important proof that you’ve gotten real value. We have car manufacturers offering warranties of over a year. Your peace of mind and comfort are our choicest values, and warranties are one of the ways of doing that. 

New cars also feature the latest technological upgrade in that car model. With this upgrades, you do not need to pay more for your car upgrade. These technologies include driver assist, quality infotainment and safety tech.  

Our new cars offer accessible and low interest rates, free of wear and damage, and squeaky clean.